Fast Relief For Your Dog

Active Life Hip and Joint Formula is a liquid supplement that provides your dog with fast relief of many joint related problems most commonly caused by hip dysplasia as well as arthritis symptoms that often arise with old age. By regularly giving your dog our proven Hip and Joint Formula it will eliminate the pain, rejuvenate their energy, restore their flexibility and increase their longevity which in return will allow you to create more long lasting memories with your family’s best friend.

Liquid vs. Tablets & Chews

Glucosamine supplements that are used to treat dogs for hip & joint problems come in many different forms. Options include everything from injections to liquids, tablets and chews. In terms of efficiency and affordability, liquid glucosamine is one of the best choices you can make. It’s easy to administer by simply adding it to the dogs water, or sprinkling it on food or treats. It’s true that tablets and chews can be convenient as well, provided you don’t have problems getting your dog to take them. Especially when multiple pills may be required each day.

Questions & Answers

How long does Hip & Joint Formula take to work?

Active Life Hip & Joint Formula is a supplement, which means its impact is more gradual than using drugs. It takes time for supplements to provide the nutrients needed to maintain your dog’s joint health. We recommend a period of four to six weeks to properly evaluate the benefits. Your dog may show improvement in a shorter period of time, with results ranging from small to dramatic.

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This is GOOD STUFF– for my little Khobe Boy

I had often thought of trying this for my little snauzer. After reading tons of reviews I decided to order it for him. He just turned 12 this month.
He would want me to pick him up then he would grump at me, and he would no longer jump up onto his step to get in bed. His coat was looking a little scruffy and his skin was very dry. Now he looks and acts like he feels better after only a few weeks. He does not appear to be so stiff in his hind parts. His skin looks healthier and his coat shines like it did when he was a puppy. Overall he seems healthier and happier. I put the liquid in a syringe and squeeze it into the side of his mouth. He takes it like a trooper– he won’t eat his food if I pour the liquid on it– but he doesn’t object to the syringe at all. Try it on your papmered little one– I think you will be impressed

~ The Thornbirds